About Us

IT.SUMMER SRL is born with the precise desire to create a business that unites the unparalleled creativity and craftmanship typical of Made in Italy with a modern market service.

Our services ranges from beachwear and underwear, from fitness to athleisure, offering:

  • Style, Prototype, Modeling, Cutting, production and packaging  department within the company.
  • A team of higly qualified and experienced staff with more than 30 years of experience in the sector.
  • Collaboration with selected and qualified suppliers and laboratories, which support us during the periods of intense work.
  • Support and assistance on the whole process, from stylistic study to the choice of fabrics, accessories, thermoadhesive, laser, embroidery and personalization applications.
  • Production of models, prototypes and samples.
  • An internal team of experts in branding, marketing, digital marketing, e-commerce and which can also offer a 360° consultancy service , from production to communication to the brand and marketing strategy.
  • Constant contact with the evolving market and its trends.
“To support our customer in order to provide them not only a product
but the full fledged solution to their Stylistic, Productive and Market needs”