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Most of the energy used in the world comes from coal, oil, pet coke.

Due to CO2 emissions in the energy production process, fossil fuels are the main culprits of climate change.


In 2016, the share of energy from these fossil fuels reached 81% globally. Due to CO2 emissions in the energy production process, fossil fuels are the main culprits of climate change. Since, in the next 25 years, the world’s energy needs will grow by a further 30%, it is essential that the share of energy from renewable sources grow more and more. The energy transition from fossil fuels to renewable sources, therefore, is the most important environmental challenge of our time. But the decarbonization process can only take place if everyone is willing to do their part.


100% Renewable Energy

Our company has chosen to take an active part in this change, using only renewable sources. LifeGate Energy is our partner in this sustainable choice: it offers only energy produced from the most sustainable and new renewable sources: hydroelectric, wind, photovoltaic. This energy – produced by sun, wind and water – is called “clean” because it is based on natural elements present everywhere, free, free, widespread and inexhaustible. On the contrary, the production of energy from fossil fuels (oil, oil, coal) is not only highly polluting, but is based on the use of resources that are becoming increasingly scarce and destined to end.

LifeGate’s Energy is Made in Italy

The plants that supply LifeGate’s renewable electricity are located in Italy. In addition to ensuring respect for the environment, therefore, adherence to this project translates into an increase in the share of renewables produced in our borders, gives concrete support to the economy and innovation of our country and increases independence energy efficiency of Italy. The national origin and from renewable sources is certified by the Authority for Electricity and Gas through the GO (Guarantee of Origin) acquired together with energy.

IT.SUMMER’s Energy with LifeGate is Zero Impact® 👼🤸♂🤸♀

Impatto Zero® is the first Italian project that calculates, reduces and compensates the CO2 emissions of activities and products. This tool, in full agreement with the Kyoto Protocol, compensates for the impact of production and distribution activities, contributing to the protection of growing forests or energy efficiency projects. All renewable sources involve electricity generation processes with low environmental impact, with very low CO2 emissions. LifeGate Energy’s production and distribution of renewable energy and gas have been fully offset by carbon credits from an energy efficiency project in India and carbon credits from projects to create and protect growing forests in Madagascar. For more info, click here.

An Invitation for Everyone ❤

The battle for clean energy is very close to all Italians: 93% of them think that investing in the sun and wind is useful to end dependence on fossil fuels and to revive the national economy (3rd Observatory LifeGate / Eumetra Monterosa National Sustainable Lifestyle). Our sustainable choice, in addition to bringing tangible and important results, will become more and more significant as others join this battle, giving substance to a widespread and growing environmental sensitivity. Our choice therefore becomes an invitation to all people attentive to the environment and in search of sustainable gestures to make the virtuous action more effective and important: choosing clean energy for your home, in fact, means saving 1,380 kg of CO2 each year.