Design and Modeling Consulting

We support our Customers in the realisation of their collections with all the know-how and experience of our team.

Research of reliable suppliers and materials

We provide our Customers with a well-selected and continuously updated database of materials and suppliers.

Design and realisation of pattern, size grading and prototype

After the creation of the pattern we realise the size grading following Customer’s standards and indications. Following the realisation of the first prototype, our team supports the Customer in the fitting activity before starting production.

Technical data sheet, bill of materials, procedure of production

The technical department, in collaboration with the pattern makers, creates the BOM comprehensive of tables of measures and the detailed procedure for the realisation of the item, ready to be sent to the production platform for the starting of the production process.

Placement study, production costs and consumption analysis

Through the automatic placing software, we can provide the layout for the cutting room optimizing time and consumption. We are also able to produce cost estimates through the study of the model and the analysis of consumption.

Production management and quality control

IT.SUMMER can continuosly monitor the production process thanks to the internalized production plant. Our team visits the production plants of our suppliers on a regular basis, in order to verify the items’ quality standards.